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Costa Rica Science Research Experience (CRSRE) provides a life changing event for high school science oriented students.  Each student participates in actual rainforest science research in the tropical rainforests and cloud forests of northern Costa Rica at Finca La Anita. CRSRE is affiliated with the leaf cutter ant research being undertaken by Dr. Cameron Currie at the University of Wisconsin and tropical field research being conducted by
​Dr. Adrian Pinto of the University of Costa Rica.

​​Dr. Currie is a world-famous tropical researcher known for his discoveries of leaf cutter ant symbiotic relationships. Dr. Pinto earned his PhD under Dr. Currie and is now the Director of the Research Center for Microscopic Structures at the University of Costa Rica.

​​The students partaking in CRSRE will benefit from Dr. Curries knowledge, they will work in the rainforest under the direction of scientists from the University of Costa Rica working under Dr. Pinto’s direction and they will learn the disciplines necessary to conduct successful research in this remote environment.

The decision to participate in CRSRE must be made at the Superintendent level and endorsed by the school system in order to be considered for this program. Local Rotary clubs will be partners with Seeds of Change (SOC) in offering this program to high schools.

A Minnesota 501c3 non-profit corporation with a mission of enhancing bioscience education for high school students and creating more science-related careers.
Exposing High School science students to tropical rainforest research in partnership with:
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